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What is industrial photography for us?

For us, industrial photography is an important element of what we do because our journey began with it. We learnt many valuable lessons from it, and we still make use of them today. Let’s start at the beginning and answer the question of what industrial photography is.

Industrial photography in a nutshell.

Industrial photography is a type of photography which focuses on servicing companies in the industrial sector. Some of the industries include the chemical, electrical, mining, food, automotive industries, and more. It’s a type of photography which presents the advantages of a company in a unique way – from the minute details of the products, machinery, and modern equipment to shots of qualified employees and specialists.

We are there with our cameras to record reality. Once we start modifying that which exists, we are robbing photography of its most valuable attribute.
Philip Jones Griffiths

Good quality equipment is just one of many elements!

We believe that a photographer should be interested in what they photograph to make the shot as good as possible. For this reason, we like to ask questions during meetings or work so as to have the perfect understanding of what we photograph! After all, it is the photographer’s responsibility for the viewer’s interpretation of the final product (that is, the picture).
Industrial photography works within many sectors; because of this, there is a high demand for different genres of photography, e.g. architectural photography (factories and production lines, warehouses and backrooms, technology parks, office interiors), product photography (machinery, equipment, finished products), portrait photography (employees and team members), etc.

Authenticity is key to gaining trust among clients.

You may think that the industrial sector does not lend itself to pretty and interesting photographs, but you’d be wrong! Everyone knows there are no perfect businesses. For this reason, we value authenticity and transparency. We focus on the advantages while gaining trust among new clients and future associates. Small deviations from perfectionism is what builds sympathy.

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