Photography for companies

The basis of a good image!

What is photography for companies?

Photography for companies is another name for business photography. This type of photography is usually chosen by corporations who are aware of the importance of building their own image and who need high-quality business portraits used in later internal and external communication, marketing, and for their own purposes.

One picture to change the client’s perception

Think of business photography as your own business card. As you know, when creating a business card, you need the highest quality paper, modern design, and elegant fonts. Company shots are your electronic business cards. They are the first element your client sees after visiting your website, so why should you settle for less?

Photography for companies shows the most important part of the company; that is – the people. Through photos, we can show a team of employees as interesting people with a burning passion for their job. In modern times, we value authenticity. It’s certain we will choose a company we can know more about.

fotografia dla firm i przydśiębiorst
Remember not to put too much pressure on yourself before a photo shoot. Professionals always accompany you during shoots. A photographer will give you advice on proper posture and facial expressions, meaning you will show your best side. Your appearance, on the other hand, is in the hands of a make-up artist and a stylist. In addition, the perfect lighting will be provided by a lighting expert!

The great outdoors or a professional photography studio?


Are you worried that the interior of your company’s building is not attractive enough as a photo background? You couldn’t be further from the truth! In photography for companies, the human is at the centre. Everything behind them is just a supplement. This genre of photography often uses the so-called bokeh effect, which is responsible for blurring backgrounds.
fotografia w firmie

Situational pictures – the opposite of classic portraits

For those not familiar with photography, the term “situational picture” may not say much. Simply speaking, situational pictures are so-called arranged shots presenting employees doing their everyday tasks, showing their reactions and gestures. The photographs can show a group of people during a business meeting or individual employees in the middle of physical labour.

Unlike classic business portraits, which are usually shot for the “about us” website tab, situational pictures have limitless applications. Because of their lighter character, the pictures will work as an attachment to blog articles, guides, or social media posts. Arranged photos can additionally warm up the brand image by showing the company’s employees in a friendly atmosphere full of a shared passion for the job.

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fotografia biznesowa dla firm

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