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Do you often organise company events, conferences, or training sessions? If the answer is yes, you should document them properly! Event photography is the perfect way to do effective marketing, which will bring long-term profits to your brand. Promote your business long after the event by publishing eye-catching shots on social media, on your website, and in company catalogues!

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We don’t limit ourselves to the traditional form of photography, which is why we offer modern solutions to our clients, such as bird’s eye view shots.
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We document the biggest events in Poland, including concerts, galas, jubilees, and shows. The years of experience mean that we know exactly which moments are worth capturing and which should remain the participants’ mystery.

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Do you know that event photography can help you solidify a positive and friendly brand image? Convince potential clients, and strengthen your relationship with your current business partners. All this with a little bit of help from us!
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Different kinds of events are a major part of the business world for all entrepreneurs. What are the crucial points of professional event photography? The most important part is for the photos taken during your company’s events to be filled with emotions and present key moments as well as the most beautiful parts. Let the magic happen!

Why do you need
documentary photography?

Every company event has the appropriate meaning and is organised with a particular goal in mind – to present the company on the market, secure an advantage over the competition, network with business clients, or improve employee relations.

So, what exactly is the point of such photographs?
One of the main points, along with marketing benefits, is definitely archiving. Thanks to such shots, you can record incredible moments important for the company. Time flies, and memory can fail – this is why documentary photography has an absolutely crucial role. It’s worth pointing out that event photography can help you solidify a positive and friendly brand image. Finally, of course, there is the social aspect of event photography, as it helps share incredible moments with other people, be it through a website, social media or the company’s business magazines.

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The key to success when organising different kinds of events is to immortalise the most valuable moments in the form of pictures. You need an experienced and talented event photographer to make it possible! What makes such a photographer? Of course, purely technical skills are important, as well as the talent to find the key elements during an event and being in the right place at the right time. Event photography should be full of emotions; it should showcase everything you can see live – and more! – in one frame. Thus, important qualities of every photographer are empathy, patience, and flexibility. The ease of getting along with other people, having good quality equipment, and the talent to achieve much are also equally important. And we have all that!

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Do you want to arrange a photo shoot, but have some questions or doubts? See what our clients ask us, and if you can’t find the answer to your question – feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to give you advice and explain our future co-operation!
Of course! We take bird’s eye view photos utilising the highest-quality equipment. This type of photography works wonderfully in the industrial, developer, and marketing sectors.
Each project is an individual challenge, which is why you will hear the price after we have a talk in which we discuss your individual needs.

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