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A good business photo will express more than a thousand words about you!

Increasing product and service sales, gaining clients, company development and its good image in comparison to the competition – this is what business photography can provide! Its role is the positive reception of a company and presenting it in the best light possible. Of course, business shoots are incredibly demanding and based on key principles so as to have the desired effects.

Why choose the Impact Photo agency?

When working, we give it our absolute all. Our client’s satisfaction and well-being is our top priority, which is why we follow a set of crucial rules!
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We understand the rules behind modern business

Thanks to that, we know how to present your company in our photos and how to strengthen its image. Our business photographs will become your tools for building a popular brand!
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We care about authenticity

Because we know clients love it the most! For this reason, when we photograph you or your employees, we will do everything in our power to capture not only the best, but also the most intriguing features.

We deliver extraordinary
photographs in short
periods of time

We share our works in a private cloud, so you do not need to download large attachments via e-mail. It’s quick and comfortable – both for you and for us!
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Business photographs
– why are they

There is no doubt that business photography plays a key role because it builds our image in the eyes of both potential and current clients. First impressions are absolutely crucial! They often determine our market existence, which is why investing in good marketing and promotion, including quality business photographs for your company, can give you the desired effect. A good business shoot will help you stand out from the competition!

Image photography
– what is it?

Business photography is more than taking photos for the company website, catalogue or documentation. A slightly different variation of business photography is image photography. It’s much more casual, but it also simultaneously shows the character and personality of the photographed person. An image shoot can be done in an office, in a photography studio, and outdoors. The nature of such shoots should always be closely related to specific situations and events, but also any goals the shoots should fulfil. Photographs promoting a company, holiday photos, company parties – in each case, the shoot should be approached differently.
A good business photographer – found at Impact Photo!

asked questions
– business photography

Do you want to arrange a photo shoot, but have some questions or doubts? See what our clients ask us, and if you can’t find the answer to your question – feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to give you some advice and explain our future co-operation!
Of course! Business photography requires professionalism every step of the way, including, of course, in the matters of appearance. How others see us affects their impression, which is why a good presentation is one of the crucial aspects.
Sleep well, and be well rested! In regards to the dress code, elegance is a possibility, but it should always be related to the company’s profile. Clean and pressed clothes are crucial, but, depending on the purpose of the photos or the desire to present your company, clothing may vary. Business photography also requires appropriate posture. Face-only photographs are becoming increasingly rare. When posing, try to avoid hunching your back, and wear a friendly, professional smile.
Yes, of course. We have studios in Katowice and Warsaw.
Each project is an individual challenge, which is why you will hear the price after we have a talk in which we discuss your individual needs.

Business photography
– show your
best side!

Do you want to work with us? Contact us through the contact form, or call to talk about your needs. We’ll gladly answer any questions you have and undertake more interesting projects!
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