Documentary photography

What is it,
what does it do,
and how is it done?

The ability to record important moments and document organised events – documentary photography – has recently become truly necessary.

Events, conferences, and company excursions organised by various brands or businesses have long since stopped being only about celebrating important company events; instead, they have become a fantastic way for interesting marketing activities and successful company promotion. After all, there is nothing clients value more than authenticity and face-to-face contact with a brand.

Why is that? The ability to observe your favourite company from behind the scenes makes us feel closer to it; it also makes it easier for us to understand its values. It works both ways!

Through interesting and creative content, we can effectively bind potential clients to our brand. So, what is documentary photography, and how else can we make use of it? We’ll tell you in today’s article!

Documentary photography – document important events!

Documentary photography is a genre combining photography and journalism. It requires a good eye, quick reaction time, and an excellent ability to work with people. The ability to capture the right moment – spontaneous happiness, tears of emotion, extreme focus on the task – is extremely valuable! In addition, if documentary shots resemble shots from a good film, we get outstanding advertisement materials which can be used when promoting your brand, and in many more situations! Remember that photojournalism isn’t only about documenting particular events. In times when the picture is becoming increasingly important, conveying the right emotions skilfully and creatively plays one of the key roles. We have to remember that!
fotografia reportażowa

Documentary and event photography – the benefits

What can you gain from high-quality documentary photographs? See for yourself that investing in photojournalism will turn out to be a great decision!

Create an authentic and honest image of your brand

Show your clients the true face of your company! Whether it be documentary photography detailing the work at your production plant or a broadcast from an event organised for your clients, with the right photographs, you will gain even greater recognition among your viewers, gain their trust, and make yourself stand out among the competition. Invite your clients behind the scenes, tell them about yourself, and show what you do!

Take care of social media materials

Many companies run their social media profiles neglectfully and with no creativity to speak of. It’s such a waste of time, as well as the limitless potential of social media! How to deal with that? Documentary photography will let you go further and create an intriguing story of your brand. Create a narration that will attract potential clients, and make the social media profiles of your brand gain an entirely new quality with more engagement from the audience.

Make use of the traditional advertising and promotion channels

Documentary photography is the perfect tool to use in company catalogues, folders, and billboards. Shots from a crazy motorcycle rally or a trip to Iceland will absolutely get many potential clients pumped!

Documentary photography
– how is it done?

You now know why you should be interested in documentary photography and what benefits it can bring. However, what steps should you take, and how should you prepare for a photo shoot to make the end result satisfying?

Working on a documentary starts long before the planned event begins. Aside from good quality equipment and skills, a photographer also needs to take care of a few things which will help them create a documentary shoot. So, how should you prepare for a documentary shoot?

fotografia reportażowa
fotografia reportażowa

Talking and getting to know all the expectations of the person who orders a reportage is key. An integral part of the preparations is creating an agenda or schedule of the event so that the photographer can act like a good, invisible ghost and appear in the right place at the right time. The effects of photos on the viewers, and the emotions they should convey, should also be discussed in detail. Documentary photography has to be touching! Does it need to be filled with summertime mood, do the shots need to be adrenaline-inducing, or maybe do you need the atmosphere of a professional conference? Everything should be discussed in full detail. Such details may be key to the full success of the reportage!

What hurdles can you encounter during a documentary shoot?

Because documentary photography depends on so many factors, such as rapidly changing weather or the frequent lack of ability to properly prepare the space for the event, photojournalists have to face many challenges! Luckily, we know how to deal with them. Thanks to modern equipment resistant to bad conditions, we can deal with any weather conditions or dustiness. We have prepared a mobile lighting studio for every client whose spaces have poor lighting. This is what every documentary photographer should be like – prepared for every circumstance, no matter how bad!
fotografia reportażowa

Documentary photography – for whom is it?

Documentary photography will work for just about every company which organises events, trips, and conferences!

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