Pre-shoot preparation

What should the preproduction phase look like?

Invest as much time as possible in preproduction

Preproduction is the process of planning and preparing the various elements needed for a photo shoot. For clients who are new to the professional photography industry, we offer a meeting – either online or in person. During the meeting, we are able to extract the most valuable information from the client that will help us understand the dream photo shoot. These include information about the people or products involved in the session, the shooting space or benchmarks of similar projects.

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Brief is a source of key infomation

For clients who are already well familiar with the photography industry, we ask you to submit a brief, which should consist of such elements as:

  • Data and description of the company’s activities
  • Target audience and reach of the campaign
  • Marketing goals
  • Competition
  • Guidelines for creating an advertising message – unique features of the company
  • Desired brand image
  • Budget

Think about your goals

If you have trouble creating a brief, it’s best to ask yourself a few questions:

  • What do you wish to achieve?
  • Who do you want to reach?
  • How do you want to stand out from the competition?
  • How do you want to do it – with what emotions, with what budget and on what platforms?


The brief is a very important document from the point of view of both the production house and the client. It allows us to obtain key information about the project implementation, as well as to detect with enough time any doubts. The document is the backbone of the entire project, so it is advisable to fill it out sensibly and thoughtfully.

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Leave the rest in our hands!

Okay, we have all the necessary information about the project! The next step is for us to prepare some documents that will enhance production. One of those documents is a mood board, which is a visual tool that presents concepts and ideas using images or graphics. The visual materials used are carefully considered in order to best represent the effect that the client can expect upon finishing.

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Another document is the work schedule, which contains detailed information on the course of production, i.e. hour slots and the duration of given stages of the project, along with the people assigned to each activity.

Each of the previously mentioned documents significantly affects the entire course of production. The more details are discussed at the pre-production stage, the faster and smoother the project will run on the shooting day.

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