Business Photography

Formally or casualness?

How to choose the right style of photography?

Business photography is a key part of the appearance of companies and entrepreneurs. It is a showcase of their professionalism and character. In the context of business sessions, there are many questions about the appropriate approach to this type of photography. Should they be conducted in a formal manner, or is it better to bet on casualness and looseness?

Formally: the classic approach

The traditional approach to business photoshoots is to focus on a more formal and neat form. Here it is all about clear presentation, correct silhouette positioning, dress and gesticulation. Photographs in this style are characterized by elegance, seriousness and professionalism. They are ideal for use in official documents, presentations or as official profiles on social media.

The advantages of the formal approach to business sessions are:

  1. Professionalism: The photographs present the company in a serious and competent manner.
  2. Clear message: Formality eliminates any doubt about the interpretation of the photos.
  3. Consistency: Consistent photos of your company members will give you confidence that whenever you put them together they will look good.

Casual: opening to trends

On the other hand, a relaxed and casual approach also has its advantages. Business photography conducted in a less formal manner can capture a more human, natural and authentic factor. Participants can appear more accessible and friendly, and most importantly, they can show their true and unique character, which can help build a closer bond with clients.

The advantages of the relaxed approach are:

  1. Naturalness: Photographs capture the true emotions of a company’s employees.
  2. Accessibility: Loose sessions can be more enjoyable for participants, resulting in more spontaneous and authentic shots.
  3. Modernity: In an era of changing business standards, the relaxed approach can be seen as fresh and modern.

Connecting the two worlds

In the end, the choice between a formal and a casual approach depends on the specifics of the company in question, its character and client group. Nevertheless, it is possible to combine both approaches, creating the blend of professionalism and authenticity that we so persistently seek today.

Use the power of emotion skillfully

Business photography of employees through emotion and gesticulation can further support the diverse content of a company’s messages. It is important to appropriately match photographs to the tone and purpose of the message, whether through smiling faces acting friendly or through serious shots representing professionalism. Effective use of emotion in photography can increase engagement and impact on the viewer.

It is also worth remembering that the key to a successful business shoot is communication. As a production house that operates nationwide, we try to find out everything we can about a company’s specifications and expectations at the preproduction stage, with the ability to customize and help choose the best approach.

To sum up the thread, whether business shoots should be formally focused or relaxed depends on the client’s goals and preferences. The key is that the photos should convey the character and core values of the company, regardless of the chosen style.

Visual content present in social media that includes photography for businesses has great future impact on potential customers and is better remembered than extensive textual content. A properly developed strategy for presence in this space and systematic publication of interesting content are tools in building and sometimes warming up the existing brand image.

Podsumowując wątek, czy sesje biznesowe powinny być ukierunkowane formalnie, czy na luzie, zależy od celów i preferencji klienta. Kluczowe jest to, aby zdjęcia przekazywały charakter i najważniejsze wartości firmy, niezależnie od wybranego stylu.

Treści wizualne obecne w social mediach obejmujące fotografię dla firm, mają duży potencjał w oddziaływaniu na potencjalnych Klientów i są lepiej zapamiętywane od obszernych treści tekstowych. Właściwie opracowana strategia obecności w tej przestrzeni i systematyczne publikowanie ciekawych treści to narzędzia w budowaniu, a niekiedy także ociepleniu dotychczasowego wizerunku marki.

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